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J.J. Haines launches new website, logo


Originally posted on on 9/29/2011

[Glen Burnie, MD]  J.J. Haines is launching a new website and will begin to use a new, updated company logo. At the beginning of this year, the company announced its Customer Efficiency Project. This project was based on a series of customer surveys which told them what is being valued by their customers and how Haines compares to its competition

“We learned that our customers need their suppliers to be very efficient: Accurate, fast and responsive, as well as on time, reliable and accessible,” said Bruce Zwicker, president and CEO, J.J. Haines. “What we learned is that becoming efficient means becoming more systematic and more automated. The internet is an indispensable tool for all of us to use. It is a tool that is woefully underutilized in the flooring industry. At the same time, we at Haines will never lose our customer friendly way of doing business,” he said.

Some of the features of the new website include:

  • Home Page: When you scroll down the home page, you will find a summary of customer benefits and a view of our specials.
  • The “For Customers” tab describes exciting customer programs. There is information about Loyalty Club, Flooring Resources, Installation Training Materials, and Customer Trips.
  • The “Partner with us” tab under “For Customer” provides the opportunity to ask Haines questions by sending a request, note. If you don’t have a secured, password protected login for Haines online, send a request by filling out the form. Someone will contact you within 24 hours to get your account setup. 
  • From the Home Page, under the “For Customer” tab, you will see a “Customer Login” red tab. This is the new way to access Haines on Line (HOL) to place orders, check inventory, and access information specific to your account. This is a secured entry to each customer with a unique password protected login. 
  •  The “About us” tab includes information about Haines and includes photo galleries of customer events and employee events. 
  • The “Products” tab provides information about all of the Haines brands. There are two product areas; “Haines Product Portfolio” and “Wheeler Product Portfolio”.

The products are in three sections:

  • Commercial 
  • Residential 
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Adhesives

You will also find the applications of products and links to suppliers. The simplicity and navigation of our products is organized to help you find what you need quickly.

  • The “A&D Community” tab invites designers and architects to see what Haines offers. This helps generate leads for Haines customers.
  • The “Installation & Training” tab is a basic overview but there is also a library of technical information and training materials that can be used for training and education. The library is available only to customers through the Customer Portal.
    “In early 2012 we will begin adding new functionality for our customers to use. We have made the necessary investment and now the software development is underway. The new functionality will help increase the efficiency of running your business. There will be new online capabilities, the ones our customers told us they want,” he said. “We will announce these new capabilities as they become available. The Customer Efficiency Project is one of the changes underway at Haines and is part of our five year strategy. The website is a symbol of changes underway.”

Haines has also changed its logo. The previous logo has been used for 65 years. “It’s time to change. The new logo is more modern and intended to convey a sense of movement towards the future. At the same time, it still has the traditional red color, the H and the J’s can be found in the shape of the H. We now refer to ourselves as just Haines as well as J. J. Haines,” said Zwicker.

The company also put into place a new tag line: Excellence. From the Ground Up. “Our customers told us that above all else, Haines stands for excellence. Being the best. Powerful. Strong. Reliable. So, the tag line states what we are and implies it is all about floors and anything else we need to do to be excellent,” Zwicker wrote in The Haines Connection newsletter.

The company’s new website can be found at