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Customers return for the one brand they can’t find anywhere else: the Haines brand. Though we provide the best flooring brands at competitive prices, our role as the nation’s largest flooring distributor goes well beyond products and pricing.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. What sets us apart from competitors is our 360-degree approach to our customers’ businesses. Beyond providing flooring products, we offer an industry-leading portfolio of customer programs and services designed to support the success of our customers.

We provide targeted and innovative services to meet customers’ needs in the areas of logistics, customer service, education and training, sales and credit. Not only do we tap extensive internal capabilities, we also leverage our partner manufacturers’ programs to provide the best of the best in the industry.

For customers who operate in unique or different segments of the business—builder, commercial, retail, property management or Shop-At-Home—we have programs and services tailored to their needs as well.


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1 Products

We carry a full line of products from the best brands in every category.

2 Logistics

With our 1.4 million square feet of warehouse space and state of the art transportation management, we can deliver your product on time every time. We also leverage our financial strength to ensure we have the products you need in stock when you need them.

3 Customer Service

We maintain multiple regional Call Centers to support our customers. Staffed with experienced industry professionals, the Haines team not only has the knowledge but the personal touch to help our customers solve any problem.

4 Sales Team

The largest Sales Team in the industry provides product knowledge, training and support to ensure our customers have the products and solutions to win in their market.

5 Credit and Financial Services

Our credit professionals partner with our customers to implement solutions to help them grow their businesses even in the most challenging economic times.

We offer numerous customer events designed to allow our customers to have some fun, learn and build stronger relationships with Haines, our suppliers and other customers.

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 Flooring Retailer
 Flooring Builder Sub-Contractor
 Flooring Commercial Sub-Contractor
 Property Management

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